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We are Sunny and Eric and we help people who are tired of fast food and junk and who want something healthy. I’ve been around Sunrider products for 25 years, my mom and aunts started using these products when I was very young so I’ve been around them forever and our family has had great success with them.

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Our Products

Fortune Delight Tea

10 pack- $12.03

60 pack- $66.59

Fortune Delight is an herbal tea that assists in your body’s natural cleansing process. Made from real fruits and herbs without sugar, Fortune Delight Tea is a natural health drink mix that’s a nutritious replacement for sugary sodas and other sugary drinks.

It’s so convenient, I carry a packet of this fragrant powdered drink mix everywhere I go and just pour the packet into a bottle of water and shake it up for a healthy drink, much better than soda. I love that when I’m drinking it, that I’m actually drinking plants, fruits, and herbs. Nothing’s better than live enzymes and healthy antioxidants.

This fragrant herbal tea is a great part of a weight management program and assists your body’s natural cleansing process which makes it a great drink when you’re trying to lose weight.

Comes in Regular, Peach, Lemon, Cinnamon, and Raspberry Flavors The Raspberry and Peach Flavors are my personal favorites.

Calli Tea

10 pack- $11.83

60 pack- $66.59

For thousands of years, the Asian cultures have consumed large quantities of green tea to cleanse and be healthy. It would be difficult to drink enough green tea to actually enjoy the health benefits. However Calli Tea is very concentrated which makes it different than any other tea. It’s concentration makes it rare and unique.

Calli is an herbal tea that, combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, assists in the body’s natural cleansing processes, which I think is important in this polluted environment that we live in.

As a massage therapist, I recommend Calli Tea to my clients. One little bag makes a full pot (6 to 8 cups) of hot or iced tea. ore About Calli Tea Enjoy all the health benefits of green tea, plus so much more. Recently many people have discovered the various health benefits of green tea. Calli has been made with green tea for over 20 years.

Comes in delicious Regular, Cinnamon, and Mint Flavors. Calli Night also available.

Sunectar stevia

1 fl oz- $18.73

I always used to sweeten my drinks with artificial sweeteners, but I worried because I knew they contained alot of chemicals that weren’t healthy. Then I tried Sunrider’s brand of stevia, Sunectar.

It is 100 times sweeter the sugar, so it only takes a couple of drops. And it contains zero calories!!  Now I always add Sunectar to my tea.  No more artificial sweeteners for me!


10 pack- $23.03

60 pack- $129.03

Flavors- Naturally Plain, Mixed Berry, Pina Banana, Apple Cinnamon, Simply Herbs, and Original.

Original flavor contains no soy and is available in 60 packs.

1 packet of Nuplus is a blend of 14 Chinese fruits and vegetables in a powdered form that you use to make a shake or a delicious smoothie. It isn’t vitamins or chemicals, it is whole food that your body can absorb.

Every morning I put Nuplus in a blender along with a splash of juice, water, and frozen fruits to made a delicious smoothie. I look at it as more of a treat. But the mixture of all the fruits and veggies makes my body happy too.

Sunbreeze Essential Oil or Balm

6 pack– $62.40

Sunbreeze Essential Oil and Balm is a Chinese Essential Oil for people with achy shoulder, neck muscles, and headaches who want something natural for pain relief.

Put a drop of Sunbreeze on your hands. Rub them together, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in. Are you invigorated by the aromatherapy?

Apply it on the back of your neck and massage it onto your shoulders. Do you feel the tingling? Apply it onto your wrist that hurts because of carpal tunnel, your knee, any area that is sore.

Sunbreeze is like acupressure in a bottle. It brings the body’s energy to where you apply it to encourage circulation and healing.

I use Sunbreeze as a massage therapist on all my clients and they appreciate a little essential oil treatment. Makes them feel pampered. And they love that it’s made from 10% pure and natural ingredients.

Would you like to see if it works for you like it works for us?

Our customer, Amber, says this, “I love the Sunbreeze Oil!  I suffer from severe allergies and just a dab of this stuff under my nose is wonderful.  Needless to say, I love it!”

About us

My name is Sunny and along with my husband Eric, we are the owners of our Healthy Fast Food Store and Sunrider distributors.

My family has been using Sunrider for 25+ years so I was raised around them and we have had great success with them. Now I help my customers who are tired of fast food and junk and who want something healthy, like we do.

Besides running our online store we are busy parents to our wonderful daughters, I am a licensed massage therapist, and Eric works as a local firefighter.


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